Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Additions - Bathroom Decor

Take a look at some of our great new additions that will add all sorts of style and charactor to your bathroom. We have added some great new designs including Costal Retreat Bathroom Decor, New Traditional Bathroom Decor, Outdoor Life Bathroom Decor and Youthfull Spirit Bathroom Decor. Within these catagories you will find many designs to turn your bathroom into a Western Scene, Natical Scene, Wildlife Scene or a Childrens Scene.

New Traditional Bathroom Decor includes beatiful collections like Floral Meadow Bath Accessories - This beautiful bath ensemble highlights floral bouquets of white iris and daisies. Magnolia Bath Accessories - This beautiful bath ensemble highlights a magnolia floral pattern. Each of these Florentine gold ceramic bathroom accessories with highlighted magnolia pattern will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Included. Tulip & Lilly Bath Accessories - Bold lines and soft images of flowers add appeal and create a pretty and feminine touch. Decoupage Rose Bath Accessories - The Decoupage Rose bath collection was inspired by a traditional cottage botanical print. The large pink cabbage roses, red poppies, Rembrandt tulips and white Rose-of-Sharon have been supersized. Many other collections are available and being added weekly.

Outdoor Life Bathroom Decor include some great wildlife like Black Bear Lodge Bathroom Decor - The hand painted resin collection captures the beauty of the black bear and their natural habitat. Mustangs Bathroom Decor - Mustangs are one of the last symbols of the American West. True beauty is marked in their sloping shoulders, crested necks, deep barrels, strong hindquarters and low- set tails. These proud and agile horses in bay and flaxen color relish in the freedom of a vast mountain range at dusk. Many other collections are available and being added weekly.

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